Physiotherapy by first class physiotherapists

PhysioFixx can offer you first class physiotherapy assessment and treatment for all musculolskeletal injuries and pains. Although we specialise in assessing and treating sporting injuries, don’t be put off if you have never played any sport in your life. The experience and knowledge we have can benefit anyone who is injured or in discomfort. We also have a Neurological Physiotherapist who can treat people with disorders of, or damage to the brain, spinal cord or nerves.

We see a range of people from elite sporting athletes performing on the world stage, to people who are struggling to complete their everyday tasks in life. If you have a musculoskeletal problem we should be able to provide help.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help to find the reason why your body is in pain, or not able to undertake the things you would like to when your musculoskeletal (muscles, joints, nerves and other soft tissues) system doesn’t allow.

After an initial chat the physiotherapist will assess how your joints are moving, how strong or flexible your muscles are, if there are any restrictions in the other soft tissues or how your nerves are working. After this they can let you know what is causing your problems and offer suggestions to get you better.

These may be suggestions on activity advice, different ways of performing tasks around the house or work, giving you some mobility, stretches or strengthening exercises, performing treatments on your body. Where relevant, the physiotherapist may do some manual therapy with you.

Both you and the physiotherapist will set some goals on things to be achieved within a set time which will help to motivate you. You can be monitored with your progress during treatment sessions, or via phone/email between treatment sessions.

Who can benefit from physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can treat a very wide range of people. For those who have had pain for many years (often referred to as chronic pain) we are here to help. Part of Bob’s Masters degree was in pain and neuroscience and he has great experience in helping those with long standing pain understand their pain better and improve their condition and daily levels of activity. In fact Bob is due to start some research with Mick Thacker (one of the countries highest acclaimed pain and neuroscience lecturers).

Even if you are not injured or in pain, we can still provide you with assistance in the form of activity and lifting advice and ways of promoting a healthy lifestyle to keep you fit and healthy into your more mature years or even keep you functioning for as long as possible even if you have reached those times already.

Sports people who are injured can be provided with a tailored treatment approach to get you better, from managing new and fresh injuries to ones which have been causing you problems for a long time. If you are not injured we can still benefit you in performing a Musculoskeletal Profiling to assess where your body may not be performing so well and therefore where you may be at risk of injury. Some athletes have even reported improvements to their performance after these assessments.


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