Meet the Team

Team PhysioFixx

Bob Grainger is the practice principle and owner of PhysioFixx, he is a highly qualified physiotherapist with over 10 years post graduate experience. He offers a wide range of assessment and treatment approaches. To complete the physiotherapist team we have five other physiotherapists who work at the clinic – Sylvester DengzeePatrycja Piatek, Dominic Richmond and Karolina Gajda. Claire Reach will rejoin us once she has finished her maternity leave.

In addition to the physiotherapists we also have Jim Crease, Sam Crockett and Angela Whiting, who are level 4 qualified sports massage therapists. Megan Ayms, is a degree qualified Sports Therapist and makes up the 4th member of the massage therapy team. You’ll also see her in our rehabilitation gym. If you are seeing one of the physiotherapists and need a little extra help between physiotherapy sessions in working on your soft tissues they are there for you. Megan, Jim, Sam & Angela keep on top of any muscle tightness when you get back to full function to help prevent a recurrence of your problems. Megan also holds regular rehabilitation classes to help you get back to full fitness for what ever life throws at you.

To help you manage your performance and recovery and enjoy a healthy active life we are really pleased to have Oliver Whiteman on the team as our Nutritionist. Oli can give personalised advise on the best way to fuel your performance and recovery, whether it’s weight loss or weight gain that you need or just to feel more energised in your training and competition.

Our Practice Manager, Jo Stephenson, is also a UK Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness and doubles up as our running coach providing technique coaching and provides a runners Training Plan Service.

Our team of Receptionists; Sue, Zoe, Alli and Angela can help manage your bookings and questions and are the backbone to a strong team.

At PhysioFixx we are constantly improving our knowledge and understanding of the human body and pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the latest research and technology as it’s released. We maintain our ties with the universities where we have trained and take pride in being involved with the teaching of others – whether that’s to other physiotherapists, masseurs, students and the general public.

Through greater knowledge and understanding it allows us to reduce the threat levels of injuries, the fear of pain and inactivity and help you to achieve what you wish to within your life.


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