About Us


PhysioFixx can offer you first class physiotherapy assessment and treatment for all musculolskeletal injuries and pains. We specialise in assessing and treating sporting injuries but please don’t be put off if you have never played any sport in your life. The experience and knowledge we have can benefit anyone who is injured.

The staff of PhysioFixx have a vast knowledge of injury assessment and treatment. They can offer you a wide range of treatments to improve your symptoms and get you back on track as soon as possible. Whether your issue has been caused by sport, gardening, occupation or accident we are able to see you for any musculoskeletal problem.

For those who play sport we have a vast understanding of the demands and needs of your sport. In addition to fixing you when you are injured, we can also help you to prevent being injured by offering you musculoskeletal profiling – to find your ‘weak-links’ and help to put them right before they stop you doing your sport.


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