Here is a selection of comments received from our previous clients

Bill Besley

I have been attending the little rehab gym at Physiofixx for a few years now – on and off. I say attending…..but its actually more of a community. I have always avoided gyms in the past – which is a shame because like most of us middle aged runners, I really need the strength work. I have hated their soul-less and intimidating environment and felt completely out of place. Megan and the gym at PhysioFixx create exactly the opposite experience to the traditional gym – it is inclusive, supportive and FUN. I look forward to the chat and camaraderie which makes the hard work so much easier to bear. Its a small group and Megan encourages interaction while being incredibly supportive and professional. She is never over-pushy (like some personal trainers) and I always feel well within my comfort zone with what is a carefully tailored program to suit my personal needs.


Peter Dodd

A massive ‘thank you’ to Jim who gave me a sports massage last Wednesday. For four months I’d suffered with SI/hip pain with every step, visited osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, other massage therapists – none of which helped.

Jim was my ‘last resort’ as we had booked a weekend to London months ago – which entailed lots of walking. A full days walking and I was pain free for the first time in months – and I’m sure another visit will help me achieve more flexibility.


Vaughan Morris

I’m sitting and recovering from today’s marathon at Chelmsford. Having become frustrated over the last 3 years on various marathon attempts I can say that I feel like I can call myself a marathoner.

The main reason behind this is the advice given to me on a few visits to Physiofixx over the past 6 months. I would like to say a big thank you to Jo (Stephenson) for her advice and getting me to try out Hanson Marathon Method. Not only that but the extra support and advice on my other visits to PhysioFixx where she has again passed on invaluable information (and all given to me whilst attending your clinic for other matters). As a result I managed to take 14 minutes off my previous PB !

My thanks to Jo and also other members of staff (Jo Rodriguez, Bob, Alex and Joe Guise-Smith) who have helped me with various niggles/ injuries through this year.


Gaynor Webb

Please thank Bob so much for me as he worked on my ankle on Saturday. I went to a dance that evening and was able to dance all night. Thank you.


Malcolm Walton
Consulting Partner
Fairstead Development National Training Award Winners

After a car accident 18 months ago I could hardly walk 100 meters. After exercises, stretching and treatment with Bob over the 18 months I can now walk a mile. Bob is an outstanding physio (and I have met many). He has the top physio knowledge and skills. In particular I have valued his clear explanations of what is going on with my body and how the brain handles pain. This process of education has enthused me to strive to do a little more each day. He is constantly enthusiastic and candid with me how I can influence my future fitness and performance. Thank you!


Edvald Boasson Hagen
Professional cyclist
Sky Pro Cycling Team
2011 Tour de France stages 6 and 17 winner

In 2010 I suffered a very bad Achilles injury which prevented me from being able to train and race. Bob treated me regularly over a four months period.Now that I am back to training and racing hard, Bob sees me during races to check the health of my muscles and joints and alleviates any little pains I have. I am very grateful to have Bob on the big races like the Tour De France so that he can keep me performing at my best level. His treatments help me win big races on the professional cycling circuit.He always seems to be studying new physio techniques, and always keeps developing and keeping himself up to date on new techniques.I’m really happy to have him as a physio in our cycling team.


Arron Mayhew
Haughley United F.C
SIL Senior League

I went to see Bob with a hamstring injury and after a thorough examination it was determined that I had a slight tear in the muscle. After 6 weeks of treatment and numerous stretching and strengthening exercises given to me I can honestly say that my hamstring hasn’t felt better. I was so impressed with what Bob has done to help my recovery that I have recommended him to my friends and would continue to recommend him. Hopefully I will get no further injuries but if I do I would have no hesitation going back to see Bob.


Gillian Childs
Tennis Player
Stowmarket Lawn Tennis Club

Having returned with gusto to tennis after a break of 27 years, it was perhaps inevitable that I would pick up new injuries and exacerbate old ones. Thankfully, it was suggested that I contact Bob to sort out my woes and, indeed, he has – be they sprained ankle, shoulder and back stiffness or tennis elbow.Not only has Bob improved movement and helped with injuries, he has provided comprehensive exercises to do at home with minimum specialist equipment in order to strengthen ligaments and muscles so as to prevent further injury, along with imparting a basic understanding of how everything in the body is linked in some way.We’re so fortunate to have someone of Bob’s expertise, calibre and professionalism in Stowmarket, and I would recommend his services to anyone in need of physiotherapy.


Karen Wrinch
Runner and aerobics

“If you have any injury or pain which stops you doing anything at all Bob is the man to see – whatever level of fitness you are he is so positive and professional he can make a huge difference to your life! He explains everything so clearly, gives solutions to problems and without him I would definitely not have started running. So a big thank you to Bob because whatever happens I know he will sort it out and keep me moving!”


Mark Wilson
Retul Bike Fit

Thank you and Sue for looking after me so well, I enjoyed the whole experience. I have since been out on the bike and instantly feel more comfortable, the power transfer is more natural and less of an effort. My pedal efficiency has improved and once my body get use to this new position just know so will my average speed. I would not hesitate to recommend Physiofix to other cyclists.



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