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Muscle Stimulation and Analgesia

Muscle stimulators can help improve performance and recovery in sports and everyday life. It is now a widely used training technique, being used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention and pain treatment in sports and fitness.

The Compex range of muscle stimulators that we provide are a Swiss brand with over 30 years of development. They meet the European Medical Standard 93/42 EEC.

We are able to offer the devices at a competitive price, please ring 01449 763023 or email admin@physiofixx.co.uk for today’s price.

Replacement/additional electrodes are available from £8.00

Compex SP Series

Compex SP 2.0

Tones your muscles, sculpts your body, helps you relax and recover faster.

With all the basic electrostimulation features and mi technology, SP 2.0 is an ideal entry level device.

Compex SP 4.0

Improves your performance and recover faster.

Including all the features of SP 2.0, SP 4.0 also offers rehabilitation programs that can be helpful for athletes with frequent injuries who practice their activity 3 times per week.

Compex SP 6.0

Improves your strength and restores muscle volume, helps you relax and recover faster.

Designed for athletes who practice their activity more than 3 times per week, SP 6.0 includes all the features of SP 4.0, but with wireless features that ensure total freedom of movement. Its easy-to-use colour screen even shows you where to place the electrodes.

Compex SP 8.0

Optimises your strength and endurance, helps you recover faster, while helping to avoid injury and treating pain.

Designed for athletes, SP 8.0 is the TOP of the range in terms of wireless electrostimulations.

Connectable and modular, SP 8.0 includes the brand new mi-Autorange feature that continually brings you better results.


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