Agua Jogging/Floatation Belts

Floatation Belt £12.00

Product Features

  • Provides vertical buoyancy: Stabilization for full body workouts
  • Design: Soft, rounded edges prevent chafing
  • Provides support: Full lumbar support for lower back
  • Versatile: Dedicated left and right fins with full arch support
  • Key feature: Made of non-water logging, EVA foam

Water Floatation belts in a swimming pool reduce the stress of weight bearing on an injury during exercise. They are ideal where you have an injury that requires a rest from the impact of your normal sport. With it you can allow an injury to recover without suffering a decline in your general fitness level. By maintaining your general fitness in the pool the recovery process is quickened and you can get back to your sport faster.

It is ideal for early non weight bearing cardiovascular training as its design allows the user to run in the pool without putting stress through their injury. It is perfect following injuries such as fractures and stress fractures, knee ligament injuries, sprained ankle or swollen ankle, as well as following knee surgery and ankle surgery once the wounds are sufficiently healed.

With the adjustable strap it’s a one-size fits all, suitable for all body weight up to 16 stones/101 kilograms and a waist size up to 58 inches and 147 centimetres.

The belt holds you upright in the water enabling non-weight bearing cardiovascular exercise. Allowing for an earlier return to activity, that in turn improves circulation and this improves healing.


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