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Once we’ve learnt to walk, generally there’s no stopping us – we want to run, and often as very young children we run with excellent form. It’s just a case of putting one foot in front of the other one right? Well, for the few genetically blessed runners that might be true, but sadly for the majority of us, as we move through life it is highly likely that our running form will suffer. For many reasons (sitting for too long, poor posture, labour intensive jobs, accidents, illnesses and surgical procedures for example) we develop weaknesses and imbalances in our bodies that result in poor running form and compensations, that in time may cause preventable injury.

If, after having had one of our Running Analysis, we have identified areas of your running that can be improved to reduce the risk of injury or improve your performance, we would suggest enrolling on our Running Technique course.

Over the course of 6 sessions, using our coaching methodology, we will focus on improving running technique in the areas we have identified in the analysis. You will be given strengthening and conditioning exercises to strengthen areas of weakness, and exercises to help improve muscle activation, mobility and performance. You will also be given guidance on how to practice your running technique in between the sessions.

On completion of the course we will video and review your running technique and goals and advise on any further action you may need to take, to maintain or even improve your performance, with the aim of lessening the risk of future injury.

This programme is suitable for all levels of runners and triathletes and also anyone whose sport involves running and quick reactions such as football, rugby, netball, tennis or hockey to name just a few.

Courses are currently held on Monday’s from 5pm and Friday’s from 7pm and cost £120.

This is a great gift idea for your loved ones who love their sport. Contact us if you would like to arrange a gift voucher.


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