What to expect

On your initial appointment you will be asked to fill in a short administration questionnaire before you see your physiotherapist. Once you have been greeted by your physiotherapist you will be asked a series of questions about your injury/condition to gain as much information as possible.

After this you will be physically assessed. This is likely to involve getting you to do various movements and having gentle pressure applied to your joints, testing how strong and flexible your muscles are, seeing what shape your feet and bones are in and looking at how your body moves.

With all this information the physiothearpist can then let you know what is wrong with your body, what structures are causing your pain and how best to resolve your problems and improve the way your body functions and get you back to your sport/job/hobbies as quickly as possible.

Once you have been educated about your injury/condition, you will be given some initial advice and exercises which will assist in resolving your pain and improving your flexibility, joint range and muscle strength. We are happy to provide you with exercise sheets to help you remember these – so don’t worry if your memory is not so good!

Then you will be advised on what further treatments may benefit you and how frequently you would be advised to attend


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