Made to measure insoles/orthoses/orthotics

Many of us have inherited biomechanics (bone and joint set up) from our parents which are less than ideal to allow the human body to function at its optimum and which can lead to a great susceptibility for injury. Many years ago when we walked around over soft ground these variations wouldn’t cause a problem. Now we walk around in hard sole shoes and over hard concrete and tarmac floors and pavements, these biomechanical differences can cause problems.

For those who have suffered an injury, an orthotic may help. An orthotic device for the feet is an insert which goes inside your shoe and helps the foot to gain better function during walking, running and other sporting activities by altering how you move and by taking the strain away from overloaded areas of the body.

At PhysioFixx we can cater for your every need when it comes to providing you with an orthotic should you need them.

We can provide premade ones, ones which can be made on the day for you to take away and custom made ones specifically made to the contours of your feet and demands you require.

Depending on your needs and budget we have a solution for you


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