NutriFixx is available to provide nutrition support to a range of people and sporting pursuits.

Whether you want to address your diet quality or weight as you begin your journey to a more active lifestyle our qualified Nutritionist can support you to your goals. You may also be looking to gain insight into fine tuning your diet and performance to reach new personal bests or competition results.

We can offer expert advice and guidance across some of the following areas plus more; diet composition analysis, weight management, supplement guidance, general health & well- being, fuelling for performance, recovering from training, gaining muscle mass and competition preparation.

If you are interested in support with the above areas, or have a query into another nutrition area, then please get in contact to arrange your consultation.

Oliver Whiteman

Oliver is an accredited performance nutritionist who sits on the Sport & Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr). Oliver graduated with a masters in Sport & Exercise Nutrition in 2017. After completion of his studies, Oliver worked at Nufield Health as a Health & Wellbeing Physiologist for 12 months.

During this time, he created OWNutrition, his own performance nutrition consultancy business. Along side his business, he is also a part-time lecturer at the University of Sufolk, passing on his knowledge of metabolism and sports nutrition to undergraduate students.

Since then, his business has continued to grow by offering a unique collection of sport science, sports nutrition and effective behaviour change.

Oliver now provides bespoke nutrition support for multiple high-profile clubs in Cambridge such as the women’s university rowing club, the swimming club and Cambridge Rugby Union Football Club.

Complete Nutrition Package £220

Oliver has put together a package that will give you a thorough education into nutrition for performance, (a saving of £60 if purchased individually);
1 x Initial Consultation
2 x Follow ups
1 x In-depth dietary analysis
2 x Skinfold analysis

Service List

90-minute initial consultation – £70
30-minute follow-up consultation – £40
In-depth dietary analysis (completed using Nutritics) + 15 minute feedback session – £50
Skinfold caliper analysis – £25 initial, £15 for follow ups (takes 20-30minutes)


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