Musculoskeletal Profiling

Why wait to get injured? Maybe improve your performance as well…

Physiotherapy is not just for when you are injured. Musculoskeletal profiling is a way of assessing how your body is ‘running’ at a set point in time – similar to a car being serviced. From the results of the profiling we can let you know how your body is working – muscles and joints which may be tight, muscles not working hard enough, or working too hard, how your balance and body co-ordination is.

Part of the profiling includes the Functional Movement Screen test which is made up of 7 movement patterns to assess how your body moves and how controlled the movements are.

Bob has worked extensively with the Professional riders of Team Sky and riders within the Great Britain cycling team to profile them and address the issues found.

After you have been profiled, we can work to improve your ‘weakest link’ in the body to try and reduce your risk of injury, with the aid of some corrective stretches, exercises or physical therapy.

Some athletes even find an improvement in their performance after a period of time working on their weak areas – but there are no promises!

A musculoskeletal profiling takes around an hour, including the assessment, a detailed breakdown of how you performed, advice on how to improve your scores and issuing you some exercises.



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