Four Reasons You NEED Nutrition Support – Part 4

#4 Nutrition Needs to be Personalised

Every individual has a completely different lifestyle to one another. This means that your nutrition should also be quite different. This is a huge problem in nutrition as internet gurus often promote a particular method of eating or claim to have found the ‘ultimate fat burning diet’ etc etc. 

Unfortunately, this is never the case. And although we love to think there is a magic bullet out there somewhere, it won’t come through Dr Google or The Guardian. However, what you can do is personalise your own diet. 

Nutrition is very trial and error. If you make a small change, you need to reflect on it. For example, a common recommendation I make is to eat more protein for breakfast. It will help keep you full throughout the day and help to promote muscle growth from your training. So, you take this on board and start to include some eggs in the morning. How will you know this has worked? Do you feel stronger next time you workout? Are you suffering from less hunger in the mid-morning?

You won’t know unless you start reflecting on your changes. 

Having a nutritionist guide you and support you along your journey will speed this process up 10 fold. Not only will you start on the right lines, but they can also make recommendations which you wouldn’t of thought of before. Not only that, they will take into consideration your current training, lifestyle, food preferences, cooking skills and family arrangements. 

A nutritionist does not simply tell you what to eat and leaves you to it. 

We help educate you on better choices, the correct strategy as well as developing an action plan to help you implement said changes. Small changes over time add up to powerful lifestyle results. 

NutriFixx are offering a free 20-minute consultation which you can use for some simple advice or to enquire about how we can support you. 

Get booked in today to find out more on how correct nutrition can take your fitness, strength, health and energy to the next level. 


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