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Four Reasons You NEED Nutrition Support – Part 4

#4 Nutrition Needs to be Personalised Every individual has a completely different lifestyle to one another. This means that your nutrition should also be quite different. This is a huge problem in nutrition as internet gurus often promote a particular method of eating or claim to have found the ‘ultimate fat burning diet’ etc etc.  Unfortunately, this is never the case. And although we love to...
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Four Reasons You NEED Nutrition Support – Part 3

#3 Periodising As an athlete, every single day is likely to be different. Shouldn’t your nutrition therefore change accordingly? One of the biggest mistakes I see in athletes is their inability to adapt to their daily demands. Your nutrition should be changing all the time depending on your activity levels and the demands of your sport.  For example, you shouldn’t be eating the same breakfast...
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Four Reasons You NEED Nutrition Support – Part 1

#1 Getting the basics right The world of nutrition is full of myths, fallacies and FADs, making it an incredibly difficult area to understand. Many people believe and push their own methods, deeming themselves an expert because they eat, like everyone else. However, what needs to be understood is that one size does not fit all. Every individual has their own goals, preferences, lifestyl...
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Four Reasons you NEED Nutrition Support – Part 2

#2 It's time to get specific Every athlete has completely different training and lifestyle demands. Therefore, their nutrition should look completely different too. You’re not going to tell a banker to eat the same as a triathlete. Athletes need to eat according to their demands. Every sport will have limitations and every individual will have limitations. Sports nutrition has ...
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