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Retul Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting by experts for a better ride

Why choose a Retul bike fit?

The professionals of Team Sky and British cycling use this system for a reason – it’s super accurate and unlike many bike fitting systems which are static, it is a system which takes measurements of you whilst you are riding.

The Retul system is a 3D motion capture system, which means it takes measurements from various angles at the same time.

The system takes information whilst you are cycling multiple times per second – quicker than any human could measure manually. As it takes information whilst you are riding it gives a more accurate indication of how you interact with your bike.

What to expect at the bike fitting

Initially you will fill in a short questionnaire about your cycling and training habits and any current or previous injuries. Whilst you are doing this your bike will be set up on our turbo trainer on our special bike fitting platform.

At this point your current bike set up is ‘scanned’ into the computer using a tool which measures your bike to an accuracy of 1mm. This means that we have a record of your bike position how you came in so you can always refer back to it if you wish.

After completing the questionnaire you will have a physical assessment of how your body is ‘set-up’, including how strong and flexible your muscles and joints are, the biomechanics of your feet and pelvis symmetry. We also look at you performing certain movements to see how controlled you are.

Once this has been completed we get you up on your bike, where we then place some adhesive stickers on you in certain places – feet, ankle, knee, outside of hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist. The harness containing LED lights (which the Retul system takes the data/images from) is then placed onto the adhesive stickers.

After the fitting you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the findings post and pre fitting, via email.


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