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Bike Fitting by experts for a better ride

 What is a bike fit?

A bike fitting is a way of assessing your interaction with your bike, to see whether it is set up to maximise your comfort or performance, reduce your risk of injury or help identify any reasons why you may have sustained an injury. Using the appliance of science to the bike fitting process, using the Retül 3D motion capture system and or video analysis reduces the guess work of getting your bike set up optimised.

At BikeFixx we not only look at you on your bike, but carry out an assessment of your cycling habits and off bike physical make up to see how you interact on the bike. There may be reasons in how flexible or strong your joints and muscles are which will have an impact on how best to set up your bike. Without assessing you as an individual first you may miss an important part of the ‘jigsaw’ of your bike set up.

During your bike fitting, from the information gained from the assessment, alterations can be tried to your bike set-up such as saddle height, saddle fore and aft position, stem length and angle, saddle type, shifter position, handlebar style and type. These can then be assessed to see if the changes have a positive outcome for you.

Bike fit before you buy – what size bike to I need?

You don’t need to already have your bike to benefit from a bike fit. We have a “Retül Müve dynamic fit bike” that is used to determine the ideal bike size and fit for you. The data produced during the Müve fit cab be used to determine the ideal bike size and setup for you prior to a new bike purchase, and used for quick and easy bike sizing on the retail floor.

Why choose a bike fit from a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are experts in observation, reasoning and problem solving. They are also experts in knowing how the human body moves, controls its movements and adapts to the demands placed upon it. These are the qualities which will enable a physiotherapist to give you a first class bike fitting. Bike fitting is not just about looking at angles and figures and deciding how best to change the bike to change the figures. If there are issues within your body’s flexibility or strength you may not be able to cope or adapt with certain changes which are made to your bike. The benefit of seeing a physiotherapist for a bike fitting is their ability to assess and understand you and how changes to the bike will also affect you. They can provide you with reasons why you may be struggling in a certain position and give you stretches and exercises to help you achieve your ultimate goals in cycling. Your body may be the limiting factor to getting your position optimised – and it might be that an evolutionary approach is better for you than a revolutionary approach. Bob is not only a certified Retul bike fitter; he has previously worked as a member of the Bike fitting team for the Sky Pro Cycling Team. In this role he was an integral part of the process of getting new riders into a position which was as close to their old bike as possible and to make sure that the current riders were in the most optimum position for performance and reducing the risks of injury.

Who can benefit from a bike fitting?

Whether you are a competitive cyclist challenging for top places in races, a club rider, recreational rider, taking part in a charity bike ride or even if you commute to work, a bike fit can help you get the most out of your bike and reduce your chances of sustaining an injury through poor positioning on the bike.

The top cycling teams in the world and pro tour pelotons use bike fitting systems to make sure that riders are in a biomechanical advantageous position to gain the most efficient position to maximise their power production.

BikeFixx’s Bob has in the past spent a large amount of time at Team Sky Training Camps as one of the members of the Bike fitting team ensuring that the riders were in the best possible position to get the maximum power and endurance from the professionals. You don’t have to be a superstar to have a bike fit; anyone who races at a competitive level – whether that is against others or against your own personal bests should consider having a bike fit. We see many athletes who although they feel are in a good position, once they have a bike fit realise that they could optimise it and have found beneficial results from the process.

As well as a possible performance improvement, there is also scope to reduce your chances of injury. A bike which is not set up ideally for you can lead to increased stress and strain through the body which could lead to tissue breakdown, injury and pain. A professional bike fit can get you into a position which will even out the stresses through the tissues throughout your arms, legs, back and trunk therefore decreasing the possibility of overloading a specific area of your body.

Anybody who rides a bike regularly could therefore benefit from having a bike fit to check that their set up on the bike is not leading to excessive strains through the body.

If you are currently injured or have had an injury in the past you would benefit from getting your bike checked to see if your position on the bike has had an influence on your injury.


Bike Fitting Services

Bike fitting using Retul system first bike with Bob (up to 2 hours)
Second bike at same fitting as first (up to 3 hours)

We take a non-refundable £50 deposit at the time of booking for a single bike fitting and £75 deposit for 2 bikes fitted at the same time.

Why we take a deposit

Due to the amount of time a bike fit takes in Bob’s diary it is very difficult to fill the gap at short notice we respectfully request that you make sure that you will be able to attend your bike fitting appointment.

If you need to alter your bike fitting appointment we do need five working days’ notice. Alterations with less than five working days’ notice will be subject to us keeping your deposit unless we can fill the space in the diary.

If you cancel your bike fitting appointment completely then there is no refund of your deposit, unless we can fill the gap in the diary.

If you fail to attend for your appointment for any reason there will be no refund of your deposit.

We don’t like to charge people when they have to cancel or alter their appointment, but there are substantial operating costs to the clinic which need to be covered should you not attend your appointment.

Details you need to know
What you will need to bring:

  • Your bikes
  • Your pedals 
  • Cycling shoes, please ensure cleat recesses are clear of mud/debris.
  • Riding clothing (ideally shorts which do not extend past the knee, and a jersey which is loose enough to slide up past your shoulder or a vest top)
  • Any specific tools needed to adjust your bike (we have a full set of Allen keys and screw drivers at clinic)
  • Please refrain from moisturising your skin/applying sun cream to your body as this hinders the adhesive qualities of the equipment used during the bike fit.
  • Please ensure that your bikes are free of significant mud/dirt/debris as this will hinder the process of making any adjustments to your bike.

How long your appointment should last:

A single bike fit should take around two hours but we would advise that you allow two and a half hours in your diary in case we come across an issue which takes us a little longer to fit you. Double bike fits should last around 3 hours, but again allow an extra half an hour per bike in your diary.


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