Four Reasons You NEED Nutrition Support – Part 1

#1 Getting the basics right

The world of nutrition is full of myths, fallacies and FADs, making it an incredibly difficult area to understand. Many people believe and push their own methods, deeming themselves an expert because they eat, like everyone else. However, what needs to be understood is that one size does not fit all. Every individual has their own goals, preferences, lifestyle and barriers that should be considered when making nutrition recommendations. Nutrition needs to be tailored to every athlete and Physiofixx is now offering this unique opportunity.

Oliver Whiteman (MSc, SENr) is an accredited sports nutritionist who uses evidence-based practices to help support athlete in achieving their goals.

Optimal nutrition can not only enhance your performance considerably on competition days, but it is also crucial for pushing your training, fitness and adaptations to the next level.

How can you achieve this?

By getting the basics right. The basics in nutrition go such a long way. A lot of people think that sports nutrition is all about what supplements I can take to help me win. But, in fact, there are only around 5 supplements that are recommended but they are only the cherry on the top. Correctly eating to fuel your training and recover well day to day can have a much bigger impact than your supplement protocol.

The Nutrition Hierarchy


The nutrition hierarchy shows you the importance of day-to-day eating can have on your nutrition. You should be asking yourself these questions:

  • Am I eating to fuel myself for my training/competition?
  • Am I eating to recover well from my training/competition?
  • Am I staying hydrated?
  • Am I getting plenty of vitamins and minerals into my diet?
  • Am I eating at the correct times to help promote my recovery/performance?
  • Am I eating correctly to support my desired body composition?

With the help of Oliver, you can become educated in answering the above questions, as well as being taught how to implement them into your lifestyle. Get in touch with Physiofixx today to book in for your initial consultation.


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