NutriFixx is available to provide nutrition support to range of people and sporting pursuits.

Whether you want to address your diet quality or weight as you begin your journey to a more active lifestyle, or if you are looking to gain insight into fine tuning your diet and performance to reach new personal bests or competition results.

We can offer expert advice and guidance across some of following areas plus more, from diet composition analysis, weight management, gastrointestinal discomfort, deficiencies or intolerance support, to sports nutrition input to maximise training and recovery adaptation, through to race day preparation and event feeding strategies.

If you are interested in support with the above areas, or have a query into another nutrition area, then please get in contact to arrange your consultation.

Initial 1 hour consultation: £60

Follow-up 30 minute review: £30

Quick-stop 15 minute review: £20

NutrixFixx consultations will be taken with Gavin Moore. HCPC Registered Dietitian, BSc Sports & Exercise Science, UK Anti-Doping Accredited Advisor, with a professional background of clinical experience in the NHS, and personal competitive background in endurance and motorsport.

*Additional in-depth support and guidance can be provided via Skype, telephone, email or one-to-one at home or events.


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